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Sep 12, 2022

Multiple media man of all seasons, including several seasons as a popular Seattle area terrestrial radio personality, DJ DREW beams in for an interview on interviews, Sunday, 9/11 at 3pm EDT on Space Couch!

Sep 7, 2022

David of Damascus Knives (and Body Divide and Cervello Elettronico and and and) drops in for this unannounced SNEAK ATTACK episode of Space Couch to talk his promotion outfit, LA INDUSTRIAL, and discuss some amazing upcoming shows! 

Sep 5, 2022

Long time scene stalwart, producer of Can't Help Myself, and founder of Gopal Metro Studios, the magnificent metro man himself materializes Sunday at 3pm EDT 9/04/22 on Space Couch!

Aug 29, 2022

Getting hexadecimal with maximum decibels! God-tier balladeer, Jasyn Bangert, slips the surly bonds of earth to impart HEXHEART knowledge, Sunday at 3pm EDT 8/28/22 on Space Couch!

Aug 21, 2022

Breaking the laws of thermodynamics with the industrial perpetual motion machine, MARI KATTMAN! We'll talk guest pieces and solo releases with the ceaseless songstress, 8/21/22 at 3pm EDT, live on Space...